What is a proofing basket? All about proofing basket

A proofing basket is a basket that gives a proper shape to the dough and imprints a beautiful pattern on the surface. This proofing allows you to cut the dough to make the bread pieces properly. The loaves become nicely shaped because of using a basket for proofing.

However, you need to select a well-constructed basket for the procedure. It should be made of non-toxic and food-grade materials. Rounded and oval shapes are the most commonly used proofing baskets. Today, I’ll discuss a lot more things about this baking equipment.

What is a proofing basket

Are proofing baskets necessary?

If you are a professional baker or even you make some bread occasionally in your home. A proofing basket can work as handy equipment. But it is not mandatory equipment that you must have. Proofing baskets are also known as bannetons or brotforms.

You can make the loaves of your bread without using a proofing basket. But there are some effective sides to using this type of baskets. I would like to share the beneficial sides and then let you decide whether you need one or not.

  • Having properly shaped bread: Often it becomes hard to find a pot or such kitchen equipment that can give your loaves a proper shape with proper proofing. But if you have a proofing basket, you are always ready to give a nice, accurate shape to the loaves, which will ultimately result in properly shaped bread.
  • Create a nice spiral pattern: If you use some kind of bowl or pot for the proofing process, it will just imprint a smoother shape on the loaves. However, proofing baskets have a spiral pattern design that creates the same pattern on the loaves as well.
  • Prevents the bread from spreading: It is related to the proper shaping of the bread. Your loaves won’t spread when you put them on the basket for proofing. So you don’t have to worry about having improper sizing.

Why you should not use a proofing basket ?

As I said, using a proofing basket is not mandatory. Most people who don’t like using a proofing basket show two common reasons for this.

  • No versatility in the shape: There are mainly two shapes of proofing basket available and mostly used by the bakers, round and oval. But, what happens if you want to give a rectangular or square shape to the bread? Honestly speaking, it’s not possible with a proofing basket.
  • That is the main reason why occasional bread makers or guys who love to bring a difference in their bread design won’t like to purchase or use a proofing basket.
  • Monotonous pattern: Every proofing basket comes with a spiral pattern and it is imprinted on the bread. Using the same pattern will bring monotony to the maker. Moreover, if someone wants to make the bread without any pattern, he can’t do it with a proofing basket.
proofing baskets

How to use a proofing basket?

Before using a proofing basket, you need to what it actually does. A proofing basket doesn’t bake the dough of bread; rather it gives a proper shape to the dough. To use a proofing basket, you need to prepare it for the work.

  • First of all, you need to damp the proofing basket using a normal flow of water. Then use a soft cloth and it over the surface to make it drier.
  • Still, the dampness will remain there and for this, you need to dust flour on the surface of the basket. After dusting, if it doesn’t reach every spot of the basket, you can do it manually by using your hand.
  • You can do two things now, let the basket remain to uncover or put a cover also known as a liner on it. The liner is used for a smoother pattern and you need to dust flour on it too.
  • Now gently place the dough on your basket upside down into the basket.
  • After the proofing is complete, flip the dough over a baking tray. That is it; the dough is ready for baking.

Which flour works well on the basket

Not everyone prefers the same flour to dust on the proofing basket. But one common thing, everyone wants to ensure that the dough doesn’t stick on the basket after the proofing is done. That is where the difference arises regarding the selection of flour.

The two most common flours are rice flour and wheat flour. However, some bakers love to use a blend of rice and wheat flour or other flours blend with rice flour. Which type of flour you are using won’t matter much, when you have dusted the basket before putting the dough inside.

Types of the proofing basket

Depending on the shape of the basket, there are mainly two types of proofing baskets.

Rounded shape

This is the most common shape used by the bakers. It helps the dough to have a proper rounded shape before going for baking. It also has a spiral or coil pattern inside, which is imprinted on the body of the dough.

Oval shape

Other features of the oval-shaped proofing basket are similar to the rounded one, except for the shape. Sometimes, it becomes an oblong-shaped proofing basket as well.

Size of proofing baskets

While selecting the size, you should purchase a slightly bigger one than your need. It will keep the proper shape by preventing any splitting of the dough. There are two types of proofing baskets depending on the size.

  • For 1 pound dough: For proofing 1 pound or 500g dough, you need an 8 inches proofing basket.
  • For 2 pound dough: If the dough is 2 pounds or 1 kg, then you must purchase a 10 inches or 12 inches proofing basket.

What is a proofing basket made of

The bakers mostly use proofing baskets made of (video) wood and canes. However, there are plastic baskets and some covered lined baskets available. Depending on the materials used, there are four types.

Wooden basket

The bakers who bake the dough with a damp nature loves to use wooden baskets. These baskets are capable of soaking away the moisture and makes sure the dough doesn’t stick into the basket.

Cane basket

This is probably the ideal option to make the shape of your bread long-lasting. This type of basket has enough gaps, which provides enough circulation and lets the dough stay fresh for an extended period.

Plastic basket

There is no proper air circulation and that is why not many bakers love proofing their bread in such baskets. But there is one noteworthy advantage of this basket and it is you can clean it quickly.

Lined basket

When you want a smoother shape of the bread, you need to purchase a lined proofing basket. Basically, it is a cane or wooden basket where a fabric liner cover is put on.

How to clean proofing basket

You don’t need to use any soap or soapy water to clean a proofing basket. All you need is a brush or a soft piece of cloth for the cleaning process. Run the brush or piece of cloth on the surface and then keep it in a ventilated place.

However, if it is must use water, you shouldn’t soak it into the water for more than two minutes. Then immediately use a soft cloth piece and make it dry. At last, use the dust of flour on the surface.

Final words

It depends on you whether you need a proofing basket or not. I have discussed every necessary thing regarding the proofing basket, which might help you make the decision.

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