How to find out Pool Skimmer Basket Sizes?

Pool skimmers are the tools that keep your pool’s water for your next swimming day. A skimmer can clean the pool in several ways. It takes only a few hours to clean the water in the pool using a pool skimmer basket.

Today we are going to talk about the skimmer basket, sizes, and everything related to it. If you are interested in a pool skimmer basket and planning to purchase yet struggling with the size, this article is for you.

Here we are about to discuss the sizes and the usage of pool skimmer baskets and tell you how to find out the proper size for your skimmer.

So, let’s dive into the sizes of the skimmer baskets.

Pool Skimmer Basket Size

Pool Skimmer Basket

A skimmer basket is the only filtering option after a manual skimmer net for your pool to keep the water clean and viable for your next jump.

A pool must be kept clean from debris and other floating objects. Leaves and broken stalks spoil the water condition. You may find reeds growing in the pool water if not cleaned for a long time. Then skimmer is the salvation for your pool’s health.   

A skimmer basket is the collecting part of the contaminators in your pool. All the objects get captured here in n the basket. A basket can be found in many sizes regarding the lid of the skimmer. These baskets are also available in different quality and build materials.

Types and Quality

First-hand choices for a skimmer basket would ask for the quality of the basket, this includes the build material and the type of the baskets.

Since these baskets come in different shapes and sizes for different models, they offer a variety of qualities. There are many skimmer baskets available in the market. Some are available for manual skimmers, some for automatic, and others for self-contained skimmers.

Skimmers baskets are available in almost all the pool resource shops. You just need to provide the model number on the lid to find the best fit for your skimmer, and they will find the basket for you.

Sizes of the pool skimmer basket

Pool skimmer baskets are found in many different sizes. But of course, they are not interchangeable rather they are made for a particular model for each.

Usually, the baskets are selected with the number molded above or below the lid. The part number ensures the fitting of the basket. But often people do not find the number in the right place or they do not get it at all. To measure the dimensions of the basket one can simply follow the instructions below,

  • To replace a basket you need to measure your basket with an inch of tape. First, measure the top diameter of the basket.
  • The dimension of the bottom is also to be taken with the whole measurement.
  • Finally, the height of the basket is the last thing that would do the job completely.

Many companies are providing the skimmer basket in different dimensions. These baskets are made to fit the individual model of skimmers.

Standard size

The standard size of a skimmer basket is considered to be 3” high, 3 7/8” wide at the bottom, and 6 ¼” wide at the top.

Other than that, the size of a skimmer basket also depends on the size of your pool. There can be multiple skimmers in your pool to continue the cleansing job.

Larger baskets with dimensions of 4 7/8” and 6 ¼ “, and some are above 7” on top width and more than 5” of bottom width with 5” of bottom diameter.

There are smaller sizes available too. It is always recommended to consult your pool advisor before installing a skimmer in your pool.

Key factors in selecting a skimmer basket

Skimmers are the smarter option for cleaning your pool. As we all know, this is of course a good selection against skimmer net to choose a basket. The basket can be used with manual, automatic, or self-contained skimmers.

Here, we are stating the factors that should help you find the best selection of baskets for your skimmer.

  • Usefulness: Choose the basket regarding your skimmer and necessity. Check the fitness and the model of the basket.   
  • Installation: Sometimes it is seen that the installation cost way more than usual only because of mismatch. The pool size and skimmer type are greatly responsible for growing installation bills.  
  • Measurement: If you are missing the part number on the lid or the surface of the basket, measure the basket properly for a perfect match. This will help reduce the replacement hustle and cost overall.  
  • Cleaning your basket: Clean the basket at least once a week. It is wise to check the basket regularly.   
  • Compatibility: Make sure that the basket is compatible with the skimmer installed in your pool.  

Uses of a pool skimmer basket

We are known to the work-areas of skimmer far or less. Skimmers are used to clean the pool from unwanted objects that contaminates the pool water. Debris and dust are prone to ruin the water. Skimmers are the purifier of these objects. The users are likely,

  • Keeping the water clean from debris and dust.
  • Cleaning away leaves or stalks.
  • Keeping the pump from getting damaged by unwanted objects and so on.

What would be better for handling, metal or plastic?

It is metal undoubtedly. The metal handles are more robust to carry a good amount of payload. A sturdy metal basket would last for many years to come.

These days, polycarbonate is also getting similar sturdiness with its being cross-breed with other elements.

The overall build quality and the sturdiness of the basket are about to perform in the coming years. That is why we suggest you think before choosing the option for you.

How much it will cost?

Skimmer baskets are found at an average price of $18. The expensive one will cost you around $60 on top. But the most selling options available on many online shops are from $16 to $35.

Though you can find a skimmer basket below $10, they would do the work for the time. But, it is a good idea to spend a little more on the basket to get the best out of it.

The solution to the floating skimmer basket

A skimmer basket can float due to its low weight and material. The shape of the basket may cause floating sometimes, but mostly it is the weight.

When your basket is floating you can try putting a stone on the bottom of your basket. Some put the stone underneath the basket. But I prefer the inner bottom since it can hold the basket tight on spo6t without swinging with the flow.

Heavier metal baskets do not tend to float. Thus, they are free from using additional weight lifting.

Final words 

Measuring the size of your basket is the only option after the parts number provided by the skimmer manufacturer. We have seen that there may be confusion with the number molded on the surface of the basket or the lid, only measuring manually will help you find the best fit for your skimmer.

Remember, a mismatched basket would do no cleaning but instead damage your pump and cleaning machine. Therefore, it is recommended to find out the exact model and part number that first your skimmer accurately.


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