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Tobacco basket is a popular home décor basket, which is used from the floor to the wall for decoration. However, it wasn’t made for decoration, rather transport tobacco leaves. As time passed, people started using it as home décor.

In this article, we will go through different aspects of a tobacco basket and if you are interested to know about this wall décor then don’t leave here.

tobacco basket decor

Why it is called tobacco basket

Tobacco Basket wall decor

The purpose of the tobacco basket is to store and carry the tobacco leaves in the market. Although in recent years, it is used as a decorative tool, it wasn’t made for decoration. As the name indicates, it is related to tobacco that is of course a controversial thing.

The inventor of this basket was R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company and they invented it to transfer the tobacco leaves to the market. Tobacco auction house floors were filled with dirt, mud, and dust. So leaving the tobacco there until they are taken to the market resulted in dirty tobacco leaves.

To get rid of this problem, the mentioned tobacco company made a specialized basket to carry the tobacco leaves with proper cleanliness to the market. The baskets are flat-shaped. And as they are invented to transport tobacco leaves, the baskets were named after tobacco by the company.

However, the need for tobacco baskets came to an end during the 1970s and the companies making these baskets stopped their production. After a lot of years, the spared baskets were used by people as good wall décor.

What is a tobacco basket made of

What Is A Tobacco Basket

A tobacco basket is a large, flat basket used to transport tobacco leaves in the past and as a popular wall décor at present days. The original tobacco baskets used for tobacco leaves were made of oak. The makers make strips of the oak and nailed them together.

The strips were ¼ inches and the rim used around the flat surface was also made of oak strips. However, the rim strips were double in size. The basket measured from 36 to 43 inches from the center to the opposite end.

An original tobacco basket used seven oak strips for the construction. Unlike the construction of other baskets, the manufacturing companies used stapling method with an air gun to attach the strips with the rim. They also used machines to weave together the strips of the basket.

Lastly, the name of the manufacturing company was stenciled on the rims of the basket for recognition.

What is a tobacco basket used for

Hearing the name, anyone would think the Large Dark Brown Tobacco Basket Farmhouse Wall Décor basket is related to tobacco. Yes, indeed it was related to tobacco and made of transporting tobacco. But at present, it is used for decorative purposes. So basically there are two uses of tobacco baskets in two times.

  • Transporting tobacco leaves in past: A tobacco company named R.J. Reynolds manufactured a tobacco basket for the first time. The purpose was to keep the tobacco leaves away from the dirt, mud, and dust on the auction floor. And finally, carry the clean tobacco leaves to the market.
  • Decorating home at present: The purpose of using tobacco baskets changed in recent years after the production was turned off by the tobacco companies. People then started using the remaining tobacco baskets to decorate the floor, wall of their home. And till now, tobacco basket is used as home décor.

What can one put in a tobacco basket?

For decorative purposes, one can put so many things in a tobacco basket or attach so many things to a basket before hanging it on the wall. If he is fond of natural beauty, he can use natural flowers or leaves on the basket and attach these things with thread or glue.

Other than the natural ingredients, one can also use paper cuttings or some written envelopes to decorate the basket. Whatever you put in the tobacco basket, try to ensure it stays in the basket even after hanging on the wall.

How to decorate with tobacco baskets

tobacco basket used for

Decorating with Tobacco Basket Set, 3 Baskets, Farmhouse Wall Décor is a great art for those who love decorating their home and workplaces. You can do several things to decorate the place you live with tobacco baskets.

Hanging on the wall

The most common way to decorate with tobacco baskets is by hanging them on the wall. Even if you don’t do anything to the basket, it will work as simple décor to the wall.

Background of a photo frame

One can use a tobacco basket as the background of the photo frame, which might seem small if hanged solely on the wall.

Add seasonal elements

According to the season, you can add fruits, flowers, paper cuttings of cloud, or other natural substance before decorating your home with the tobacco basket.

Use for a party

Tobacco basket can be a good party element if it is used smartly. Think of a Christmas party and decorate the basket with a picture of Santa and hang the baskets all over the party area.

Attach to the ceiling

 Except for wall décor, one can attach the basket on the ceiling to decorate the room or specific place of the house.

Using as a tray

It’s a bit different from the wall or ceiling décor because it stays close to you. You can use the basket as a tray on the tea table. But don’t use it as a tool, because it's only a decorative tool.

How to clean a tobacco basket

To give the old tobacco basket a new look, it is necessary to clean it and do some additional work as well.

  • To remove the dirt and debris from the basket surface, use a brush throughout the surface.
  • Use hemp oil on the strips gently and remember to put a little bit of oil only. Use oil on the back half of the basket, then the front, and then the other half of the basket.
  • Keep the oil unused to let the oil reach every corner properly.
  • After that, wipe out the excess oil from the surface and look, it’s already a new tobacco basket.

How to hang tobacco baskets on wall

There are mainly two ways to hang tobacco baskets on walls, using thread and using hooks.

  • Thread: Plastic thread is a good option for those who don't want to damage the wall for hanging mere baskets. Also, as the threads are long, one can hang as many baskets as he wants on the wall.
  • Hooks: The other option is to use hooks, but not everyone likes them. It doesn’t matter how small or bigger the hooks are it might damage the wall a bit. But the attachment remains strong after using hooks.

Making a tobacco basket

The process of making a tobacco basket is not a tough one. Gather the minimal equipment required for the process and begin the rest of the work.

  • Take a few long strips of reed, stapler, glue gun, measuring tape, etc.
  • First, measure a standard size for the strips and rim of the basket and cut them into pieces.
  • Then weaves the strips together to make the center of the basket and keep the longer ones aside. Use staplers to attach them.
  • Use two longer strips on the center like a cross to give attachment strength.
  • Lastly, use the two longest pieces of reed to make the round-shaped rim and use a glue gun for the attachment.

Final words

Tobacco baskets are indeed a nice décor and one can also make a few on his. I think you have no other questions regarding this excellent decorative tool. Now purchase one or make one by yourself to decorate your home.

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